The 3 things holding YOU back

✨This blog is especially important as 2021 winds down.The way you leave 2021 will determine how you enter 2022.✨If you have been in my community for a bit, you will notice that I have been having conversations around limiting beliefs and how they are responsible for where you are today!!! ✨Here are the 3 reasons […]

Positive Thinking 101

Attitude really is everything! When we’re not feeling great about our lives or how the day is going, everything can seem to go wrong. The problem is, life isn’t a steady thing. You might have one really good day followed by another equally bad. With so many things outside of your control from the weather […]

What is Your Worth?

Not having a good day? We all falter sometimes. All it takes is a little unasked-for criticism or someone just treating us harshly to trigger us into a spiral of negative self-talk and anxiety about not being liked. When you need to remind yourself of your worth fast, it’s good to have some ideas in […]