What is Your Worth?

Not having a good day? We all falter sometimes. All it takes is a little unasked-for criticism or someone just treating us harshly to trigger us into a spiral of negative self-talk and anxiety about not being liked.

When you need to remind yourself of your worth fast, it’s good to have some ideas in mind.

Try these quick tips for getting yourself back on track even when life seems out of control.


💞Go into a Judgement-Free Zone

OK, so things aren’t how you wish they would be. You know you’re running in a circle. Your emotions are all over the place, and you’re starting to hit critical mass when it comes to criticism.

You already know you’re not supposed to be reacting this way. So to make your awful day a little bit worse, you start beating yourself up for how you’re treating yourself. This is entirely the wrong approach.

Your first step must be to stop the negative spiral. Drop the judgment. Accept you’re having a bad day. This moment doesn’t have to define you. With these thoughts firmly in mind, it’s time to let things go.


💞Drop the ‘Should’ and  the “Could”

Why are you caught up thinking about ‘should have’, “could have” anyway?

The moment you start using these particularly depressing little words, you’re telling yourself what a failure you are. You have become caught up in a vortex of perfectionism; you can’t possibly escape. ‘Should have, could have’ never helps anybody. Erase it from your vocabulary.


💞Stop Looking for Validation

Anytime you think someone else can give you what you need to feel good about yourself, you’re going to be disappointed.

People will let you down. Even in the best relationship, it’s not healthy to use someone else to define who you are. This kind of thinking can be dangerous. What if the person you relied upon was no longer in your life? How would this then impact your self-worth?


💞Come to Terms with the Past

It’s time to separate your actions from yourself.

When you make a mistake, acknowledge the error and move on. To get caught in shame or guilt only hurts you in the long run. There is nothing to be gained by victimizing yourself. Forgive yourself and move on.


💞Know Where You Excel

For a super-quick fix to your self-worth, take a moment to list off the things in which you excel.

Acknowledge your accomplishments. A close examination of all the things which make you proud should give you a solid reminder you are indeed worthy.


By paying attention to these 💞five areas💞, you can quickly restore your self-worth. The key is to be alert and move quickly to head off negative thoughts before they undo all the hard work you’ve already put into yourself.

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