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Leadership Consultant | Speaker | Coach

Dr. Shade is the Founder and CEO of Leadership Synergy Institute. She brings several years of experience in leadership development, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

In a world of complexities and messy challenges, Dr. Shade stands as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment, employing a wealth of knowledge, passion, and a commitment to guiding individuals and organizations toward their highest potential.

She is an experienced Research Professor, Leadership Consultant, Speaker, and Coach and a member of the prestigious Speaker Bureau of Canada.


The Leadership Synergy Institute

Welcome to the Leadership Synergy Institute, where we believe that every individual and business has the power to unlock greatness. Our journey is not just about leadership development; it’s about creating a synergy that transforms lives and propels organizations toward enduring success.

Leadership Synergy Institute began with a vision to ignite change and empower leaders to embrace their full potential.

As a professor at the university, Dr. Shade saw some of her best students, who were top in their class, struggle in their careers – frustrated by the inequality in the corporate and business worlds and needed a plan to get ahead in a rigged system without losing themselves.

What started as a desire to help those students excel has evolved into this beautiful life-changing project, as their success stories fueled my passion!


Success Rate

Percentage of corporate clients who reported amazing transformation as a direct result of working with us!



The number of individuals in corporate who made an accelerated pivot from being stuck and burned out in their careers to leading & generating real opportunities in 2022!


Net Growth

Rate of growth reported by our business clients within months of applying our roadmap and taking control of their brands!


Our Core Values

We infuse life with vibrant energy, positivity, and unbridled passion, sprinkled with a touch of humor. It’s not just about existing; it’s about living with enthusiasm.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, seizing every opportunity to refine our craft and expressing gratitude for the journey. Excellence is not a goal; it’s a commitment.

Our foundation is rooted in a profound love for God, shaping every facet of our lives and interactions. Devotion is the heartbeat of our purpose.

We champion bravery and boldness, inspiring a commitment to meaningful action. In the face of challenges, courage propels us forward, turning every obstacle into an opportunity.

Dialogue is our language of connection. We value open conversations, question the status quo, and foster understanding. Communication is the bridge that unites us.

“Our word is our bond.” We stand firm on the pillars of honesty, unwavering commitment, fairness, and dependability. Integrity is not just a value; it’s the core of who we are.


Empowering Leaders, Igniting Change

“Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you were meant to be stop playing small. You’re meant for greater things. Live the life you know you deserve.”

At the heart of the Leadership Synergy Institute is a mission to empower individuals and businesses to recognize their full potential and create impact. We guide you to believe in your abilities, create actionable plans, and develop the habits that lead to wild success.


What our clients say

Dr. Shade redefined the term “leader” for me and opened my eyes to opportunities I overlooked in my industry. She will get you to answer some hard questions and deal with self-doubts to change your mindset and realign your potential in your corporate career through this powerful training! She already did so for me

Presley Morris

Marketing Communications Manager

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Partner with Dr. Shade for an unforgettable experience that transcends traditional speaking engagements.

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