Hi, I am Dr. Shade

I’m highly skilled in developing competencies when it comes to personal & organizational Leadership!

I am a Coach and strategist – having excelled in academia and industry – with scars + medals to show for it 😄🥇.

As you are probably aware, no one shatters the metaphorical glass-ceiling unscathed. And I’m no exception…

As a professor, I saw my female students, who were top in their class, struggle in their careers – frustrated by the inequality in the corporate and business worlds and needed a plan to get ahead in a rigged system without losing their femininity.

What started as a desire to help them excel has evolved into this beautiful life-changing project, as their success stories fueled my passion!✨

Let’s change your story corporate story too💕 

My signature program, The Leadership Accelerator will walk you through all the stages you need to succeed.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation


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My Mission?

My mission is to establish women as leaders in business, in politics, and in the corporate world. Women continue to be underrepresented at every level, and everywhere in the world.

We want to normalize female leadership

Your Coach and Leader...

My passion is help you find your purpose.

It is 2020 and we are celebrating the very first Vice President of the United States of America! Talk about qualified, talented, and overlooked!


My signature coaching program: The Leadership Accelerator is designed to help professional women in business and corporate organizations to crack the glass ceiling and move into leadership roles.

Leadership Coaching & Training

Our mission  is to support you to develop personal mastery in leveraging leadership.

Professional Development & Planning

You will learn how to maximize your time and successfully plan your career and leadership journey.

Business Strategies & Systems

.You can have great breakthroughs, gain unshakable confidence, and serve at a high level.

The Exclusive Accelerator Club

Mastermind for professionals & entrepreneurs who want to lead with impact.

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