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Empowering Businesses and Individuals to Rise with Confidence, Clarity, and Impact.

At the Leadership Synergy Institute, we believe that greatness is not a destination; it’s a journey. Your journey. Whether you’re an ambitious professional seeking to elevate your career or a forward-thinking organization aiming for unparalleled success, our mission is clear: to guide you on a path of profound transformation.

Break free from limitations and embrace the leader within you

Our Mission:

At the Leadership Synergy Institute, our mission is to illuminate the journey for leaders in constructing inclusive organizations. We aspire to create an environment where every employee not only survives but thrives, and where every leader becomes a catalyst for transformative change. Our commitment is unwavering, focusing on nurturing trust, forging meaningful connections, empowering individuals, and igniting purposeful action.

We achieve this through three core pillars:

Impactful Strategies: Elevating Careers and Organizations

The Leadership Synergy Institute is your partner in elevating careers and organizations. We provide proven leadership principles and impactful strategies to catalyze positive change. Whether you are an individual seeking personal growth or an organization aiming for success, we guide you on the path to achievement.

Clarity of Vision: Precision and Purpose in Your Path

We are dedicated to providing clarity of vision. Define your path with precision and purpose, ensuring that every step you take aligns with your personal and organizational aspirations.

Confidence to Lead: Breaking Free, Embracing the Leader Within

Our mission is to instill the confidence to lead by helping individuals break free from limitations. We believe in nurturing the leader within you, empowering you to navigate challenges and inspire others.

Let us walk with you on this transformative journey together, where confidence, clarity, and impactful strategies converge to shape leaders who not only envision change but also drive it, fostering inclusivity and excellence.


Elevate your team dynamics, refine your company culture, and strategize for lasting success with our Business Consulting services. Strengthen your capacity for collaboration, innovation, and inclusive leadership.


Gain a competitive edge in your career with personalized Executive Coaching. Unleash your full potential through strategic vision, effective communication, and leadership development.


Bring inspiration and transformative insights to your organization through our keynote speaking engagements on topics ranging from overcoming impostor syndrome to essential leadership principles.


Ready to step up and become limitless?

It’s time to break free from restraint and step into the life you’ve envisioned. I’m here to guide and support you at every stage of your transformative journey. Join us on your path to unlocking your full leadership potential.


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What our clients say

Dr. Shade redefined the term “leader” for me and opened my eyes to opportunities I overlooked in my industry. She will get you to answer some hard questions and deal with self-doubts to change your mindset and realign your potential in your corporate career through this powerful training! She already did so for me

Presley Morris

Marketing Communications Manager

Unlocking Potential through a Purposeful Step-By-Step Approach

How we work - The L.E.A.D Method

At the Leadership Synergy Institute, our commitment to your success goes above and beyond. We believe in a purposeful and personalized approach to leadership development.

Discovery Session – Tailored Solutions – Proven Methodology- Clear Communication – Continuous Improvement – Measurable Results.

Our ultimate goal is your success, and we measure that success through tangible results. Whether it’s improved team dynamics, enhanced leadership skills, or strategic business growth, we celebrate your achievements every step of the way.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey, let’s work together create a SYNERGY.



Ultimate advantage comes from the ability to build strong relationships and get results with and through others



Be empowered to lead by design, and eliminate the gap between desired vs actual impact.



Amplify by thinking proactively rather than reactively to request, crises, opportunities, or situations.



Challenge the status quo and chart your path through innovation & intelligence.


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